Please note not everything on this website is working.

It was setup in a rush job and will be fixed when it isn’t 4am.

The redesign will be in 3 phases

Known Problems

  • Links go to the actual site
  • Some pages use old images
  • Some pages have broken images
  • Some pages aren’t shown (This is temporary and will be changed in the future)

Phase One

Phase One will consist of updating all buttons and links on the site to use a new button method… This will make it a lot easier to see links.

Phase Two

Phase Two will consist of updating all outdated links and everything that needs to be updated…

Phase Three

Phase Three will consist of updating the main website with all changes.

At the current stage we have almost completed Phase One. Soon we will be finished with Phase One and will be moving onto Phase Two. also to note that other visual changes may happen depending on specific circumstances i.e. things being hard to see for people who are colourblind, parts of site being hard to see by those who have little sight, and just generally updating visuals… But all that will happen in Phase Three. Also this site will always have links to the old site because the pages and stuff will be exported and imported to the old site.